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Fee Details

  • Bus Fee - Bus Fee will not be applicable in the month of April and May.
  • Activity Fee, IT Lab Fee, Sixth subject Fee Payable in two installments July and October.
  • Late Fine is not applicable in April and May

School Fee Details

  • The fees structure of all class will be notified at the Fee counter for the information of the students.
  • The tuition fees will be collected by the Central Bank during the office hours on all working days from the 5" to 25" of every month.
  • Activity Fee wil be collected in April and September for old students whereas, for new admission it's to be paid in one instalment.
  • Rs. 100/- has to be paid as CBSE Registration fee for the students taking admission for the first time.
  • Tuition fees are payable for 12 months and conveyance fee for 11 months only (i.e. from April to February). Conveyance fee of March is not to be paid.
  • A fine of Rs. 50, each per Month i (for both tuition fee and conveyance fee respectively)will be charged from the defaulters the fine amount wii be compounded till dues are cleared.
  • Those who are unable to pay the fees in time should seek permission in writing for an extension of payments date. Failing to do so, no child will be allowed to sit in the class. If fees are not paid for two months the name of the child will be deactivated from the roll. Once the name is deactivated, application for re-activation has to be submitted and reactivation fee of Rs. 250, have to be paid along with the dues and fines at the time of re-activation.
  • Fees once deposited will not be refunded / adjusted in any case.
  • For Classes I-XII fees for February and March should be paid in February itself. As long as tie child's name is not deleted from the school records, full fees will be charged at the time of procurement of TC.
  • The fees for the month of May & June can be paid before 20th June without fine.
  • Parents are requested to kindly preserve the fee receipts issued to them for Income Tax Rebate as well as a proof of payment made.
  • Caution Money will be refunded along with the the issue of T.C. Application for refund of caution money is to be submitted along with the form for issue of T.C. in case no application is submitted within two years from the date of issue of T.C for refund of Caution Money, the Caution money will be forfeited.
  • Fee can be paid through our Bank counter or Online from the parent portal of website.

Scholarship & Fee Concession

  • In special cases students will be considered for fee concession after proper scrutiny.
  • The concession will be tenable for one academic year (April to March). Every year fresh application is to be submitted for its renewal.
  • Those who seek concession in the aforementioned cases only should apply to the Vice President in the month of March itself with all supporting documents. No such request will be entertained later on. Concession will not be continued if a students fails to get a minimum B2 grade in all the compulsory subject in the final assessment.

Conveyance Facility

  • Bus facility will be made available strictly as per the availability of seats in the buses allotted sector-wise. The approved bus stops will be informed at the beginning of the session and no addition / deletion will be made to it unless any emergency arises. Principal reserves the sole right to make any amendment to it.
  • A student who is granted bus facility (on request through application) will not be permitted to cancel the facility during midsession. Likewise no new bus facility will be granted during midsession unless there are sufficient seats available.
  • Commuters are expected to be present in time at their respective bus stop. It is the responsibility of the parents to bring their children (of classes 1 to V) to the boarding points and collect them on return from those points. Commuters are not allowed to change school buses or go by other means of transport without the written permission of the principal/vice principal.
  • Students who wish to avail bus facility must apply in the month of March for renewal and withdrawal. By first week of April commuters must possess a renewed/new card.
  • Students availing bus facility must carry their Bus Pass every day while commuting in the school bus, and it should be affixed in the space provided on page No: 02 of the school diary.
  • The student bus monitors and those teachers availing bus facility are responsible for maintaining discipline in the bus.
Mar Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School
Mar Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School
Mar Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School
Mar Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School
Mar Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School
Mar Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School

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MarMar Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School