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Founder Bishop

Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius

 Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School H. G. Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius was born on 2nd October, 1924 as the fifth child of Mr. Kurian and Mrs. Mariamma of Kayyalathu family at Pathamuttam, Kotayam, Kerala. He was ordained as deacon and priest by H. H. Geevarghese II, the Catholicose. He started his humanitarian services from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh as the parish priest in 1952. He obtained his B.A. and M.A. degrees from Jabalpur University. Later he went abroad and acquired his degrees of B.D. and STM in Theology from the United States. He also served as vicar of Bombay, Malaysia, Singapore, Bahrain and many other parishes at different times. He was appointed as the Director of St. Thomas Orthodox Church Mission, Bhilai in 1972. Later he was consecrated as a Bishop in 1975 at Niranam Valiyapally and was given the charge of the Madras Diocese in 1975. In 1979 he was ordained as the first Metropolitan of the Diocese of Calcutta. In recognition of his meritorious services to the Church, he was bestowed with the dignity of Doctor of Divinity by General Theological Seminary, New York in 1990.

He was a man of Godly Ordain with deep devotion and commitment. He was positively oriented with a unique personality yet solitary in every dimension. He devoted himself for the Christian witness in North India, where he dedicated his entire life and true to his wishes. His mortal remains were laid to rest in the very soil where he toiled and sweat.

Mar Theodosius arrived in North India as a young priest pregnant with ideas and ambitions. He discretely observed that the social milieu here is more or less comparable to that of Kerala. Poignant enough, poverty was rampant in the villages and adding to the worry superstitious practices prevailed largely in the social system which sometimes even posed grave threat to the very life itself. As a philanthropist it occurred to him that the remedy mainly lies in imparting quality education to the people and the Society at large. This realisation prompted him to set up Schools alongside Churches. The task was gigantic but ambitious and the resources were scarce. With an indomitable commitment to the cause of education and dedication to the poor he has decided to venture for the arduous mission. In short he was instrumental in starting a string of educational institutions from Madhya Pradesh to Nagaland. It ranged from many balawadis to Schools and an Engineering college. More than two dozens of Schools and a P.G. College also came into existence. thanks to his persistent efforts.

As already indicated the educational institutions started by Mar Theodosius was designed in helping and developing the needy and the economically weaker populace of the society. The fact that he could have easily turned those institutions into money spinners, which he never did, bears witness to his deep social commitment and humane dedication. Not a single penny was charged as capitation fee or donation even in the professional colleges either from the students or from the candidates who come in search of job opportunities.

‘Imparting value-based quality education at affordable cost’ to the down-trodden and weaker sections of the society was his vision and mission. It was this spirit of selfless service that led him to the eventual establishment of St. Mary’s Nursery School in Bokaro. The School had a humble beginning but since flourished into a successful and devoted mission with the valuable prayers of the saintly Bishop and the hardwork of people associated with it and, of course, the good wishes of our valuable patrons.

Apart from being an eminent educationist and a humanist he was instrumental in multifarious philanthropic activities too. As he was at the humblest summit of his mission, His Grace was called to the Heavenly Abode on 5th November 2007 and is laid to rest at St. Thomas Ashram, Bhilai, Chattisgarh.

Mar Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School
Mar Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School
Mar Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School
Mar Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School
Mar Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School
Mar Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School

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MarMar Gregorios Memorial Hr. Sec. School